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Gain more awareness

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Silence • Peace • Harmony


Let’s face it: Life can be overwhelming, and stressful causing work and personal relationships to become fraught with conflict and misunderstandings.

You’re at your wits end, your stress and anxiety level have reached its peak, causing your work and personal relationships to become fragmented and unhealthy. Your general wellbeing and health are at an all time low with little time or energy to give to your loved ones, leaves you feeling isolated and lonely. And if your boss makes any more demands on you, you’re going to lose your mind. I mean, you’re a smart intelligent human being! So how come your life has come to this, when you were in your 20s you were full of ambition, hopes and dreams and now you feel like a truck has run over you. I understand how you feel, because I’ve been there. That’s why I created 3 Simple  Commitments to help you successfully practice meditation and all it takes is 10 minutes per day.

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If you are tired of feeling stuck and living in fear of the future and want to live a more peaceful and content life then read on.



I know how tough it is out there. work commitments, family responsibilities, this fast pasted world of the Internet overload and Political and Environmental upheavals

But if there’s one thing I have  learned from coaching men and women for the past number  years, it’s that people want  loving relationships, they want to have more meaning in their lives.   They are so tired  of living a life that society has  placed upon them. 

That is why is have developed a  unique Four Agreements Workshop
to help men and women find inner Peace, Self Love , living their Truest Potential