I am here to help you find peace,

self love and happiness

I work with both men and women who  are  stressed, overworked, overwhelmed and simply exhausted from the demands that life has put on them.  They don’t understand why they feel this inner discontent,   after all they are living the dream, they have the house, the fancy car and all the trappings that  society  told them would lead to a fulfilling life. 

They ask themselves, “What’s wrong with me?” and “Why do I feel so isolated and lonely even when I am around family and friends. 

Well, I have news for you,  there is nothing wrong with you , there is an other way to live, another to see life and  create your goals form a more authentic and heartfelt way. 

However, you’re not going to change your life continuing to  do things the way you have always  done them. Life  is always  changing, and it’s up to you to make that commitment to create the life  you really want.

I help men and  women to discover who they really are, I help them see  how their beliefs systems  from the past  are keeping them stuck,  I help them navigate inwards to reconnect to their true authentic self and find new meaning I their lives.


Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Ever since I was a very young child I always had this deep longing to know who I really was as most people around me were always in a state of discontent and anguish. I couldn't quite understand why adults were so  unhappy, they always seemed worried  and fearful about the future never allowing themselves to live in the NOW. When I was 10 years old I started to meditate, I would  sit on front of a candle for at least a half an hour each day for about two months until I got distracted as most kids do by other more interesting things. Looking back I realise my decision to meditate at such a young age was the beginning of the search for true meaning in my life . After travelling the world visiting sacred sites and meeting many spiritual teachers there was one man that changed my life and that was Don Miguel Ruiz. I met Don Miguel Ruiz  author of The Four Agreements in 2008, before that I had spent 3 years with my teacher Rita Rivera who was a student of Don Miguel for many years. in 2008 Don Miguel invited me to come and teach with him in Teo Mexico, of course at the time I was very honoured and flew out to Mexico to join him.  Since then I have continued to hold Four Agreements Workshops. 

Before I met Miguel I  had everything a women could have ever wanted, three beautiful children, a big house in the suburbs, a fancy car, a big summer house in Portugal, a country house in Westport Ireland and all the money I could have ever needed. I had a husband who gave me everything I could have wanted and yet there was something missing, there was a huge hole in my life that I didn't know how to fill.  I  living my life in quiet desperation, filling this emptiness inside with material objects, all these material things made me  happy for 5 minutes, they also gave us a sense of self worth which equally lasted 5 MINUTES.  I kept thinking that if i buy a bigger house , I  would  be happy but happiness never came. 

Somewhere along the way we both got burnt out. I  realized that no matter how much we tried  we were both pretty miserable. So I decided to devote myself completely to finding out who I really am. I made a heartfelt commitment to myself that I will find Peace, Serenity and Happiness no matter what it took.

I  realised  I had lost the spontaneous joy and  and care-free feeling I used to have as a child, I realised I had become just like those adults that surrounded me everywhere as a child. 

After some soul searching In 2002 enrolled in and successfully completed a  Masters in NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming, a Diploma In Life Coaching, a Certificate In Jungian Phycology and a Certificate in Women's Studies in UCD. 


I am a Spiritual Mentor for those who want to break free from past beliefs that no longer serves them. I help those who are looking for inner peace and want to live harmonious lives based on self love and respect. 



Dom Miguel Ruiz, the author of The Four Agreements, and myself enjoying a trip to Honduras to visit the Mayan temples. - 2009

Dom Miguel Ruiz, the author of The Four Agreements, and myself enjoying a trip to Honduras to visit the Mayan temples. - 2009